Adventure is knocking! With more than 50 years of sharing the world with value-minded travelers, we know it’s more important to spend an extra day in an amazing destination than have a fancy chocolate on your pillow. Cosmos shares your quest for budget-friendly travel, while providing carefully selected, comfortable, and clean accommodations, seamless transportation arrangements, and expert Tour Directors and Local Guides from the region in which you’re traveling. When adventure is knocking, Cosmos makes it easy to turn “wish I could” into “glad I did.”
Immersed in enlightening experiences, we naturally gain a deeper appreciation – one that leads to greater compassion, consideration and curiosity as we ask ourselves, what else can we do to protect our planet, preserve our sacred places and help humankind?
Enter the Cosmos® Lighthouse Project – an illuminating initiative where we can all come together to tread lightly and give generously for the globe’s greater good. And now, Trees4Travel is a partner in this illuminating effort, as we invite you to purchase trees to offset your Cosmos journey. And your purchase will be matched by Trees4Travel, doubling our efforts to protect and preserve our planet.