You’re not one to run with the crowd. But you know the value of having a local expert on your side when you need a little direction. Monograms all-in-one vacation packages are designed with the independent traveler in mind, with an expert, friendly Local Host® to help you navigate, enjoy, and get the most out of each destination! Enjoy a choice of superior hotel accommodations, seamless transportation, sightseeing, optional excursions, and plenty of free time to spend as you please. Your Local Host is on hand to assist you with recommendations and tips only a local would know. That’s the Monograms difference.
Immersed in enlightening experiences, we naturally gain a deeper appreciation – one that leads to greater compassion, consideration and curiosity as we ask ourselves, what else can we do to protect our planet, preserve our sacred places and help humankind?
Enter the Monograms® Lighthouse Project – an illuminating initiative where we can all come together to tread lightly and give generously for the globe’s greater good. And now, Trees4Travel is a partner in this illuminating effort, as we invite you to purchase trees to offset your Monograms journey. And your purchase will be matched by Trees4Travel, doubling our efforts to protect and preserve our planet.